50/90 Procedes

The fifty songs in ninety days challenge continues and I continue with it.  Sort of.  Nothing finished yet, but 10 ideas underway.  Nothing really special.  I have been thinking of posting my works in progress playlist to my band’s facebook chat to see if anyone wants to give any of the song ideas a shot.  I haven’t though.  I probably won’t.  I hate being rejected.  The internet doesn’t reject my music, it just ignores it.  I can handle that, but outright rejection?  I am an aging, fat man and my heart would probably give up the fight.

This is what I have so far…

Still There

Every morning I peek out the window and make sure the gazebo is still there.  Yup, still there.  Today when I looked there was a squirrel inside. He crawled underneath the screen.  I was hoping he’d get stuck and I’d get some revenge for all that stolen birdseed.  Nope, the little shit managed to escape.  Oh well.


I had all kinds of equipment troubles at practice last Sunday.  So much so it derailed the entire thing.

I set everything up exactly the same way this morning before work and it all worked perfectly.  What the hell is going on?

So I used the time I had allotted for troubleshooting to run two tube amplifiers in stereo… like some kinda bad ass.