I Don’t Really Trust This Thing



After surviving a week at Disney World that required my out of shape ass to walk 10000000 miles a day, I find myself getting the bug to go on short hikes in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Also, after taking a few hundred pictures at Disney World I find I have the bug to find interesting things to (poorly) photograph.

I wonder if my wife and step kids would be interested in going waterfall hunting as weekend day trips this summer?

The Mighty Spicket

The Mighty Spicket River is looking mighty dry today.


I’ve been on death’s door for the last eight days with the world’s first terminal head cold. I’m hoping I will pull through in time to see the Smashing Pumpkins at the end of the month. Who knows.

I went to Weight Watchers today and almost, almost hit the 50 pound mark. Missed it by that much. When we got home from vacation I was up overall, then I got sick and didn’t eat for a week and was suddenly down eight pounds since the last weigh in! WOOHOO It’s been two months of sliding off the wagon. Time to get my shit together again. I want the 50 pound mark. Hell, I want the 200 pound mark but 50 is only a couple of pounds away right now. Set attainable goals and all that shit, right?

5090 Underway

5090 kicked off on July 4th. I got a couple of lame ideas started while in Florida, and started a bunch more yesterday. Everything I have so far is crap, but at least I can pretend I have a Tweed Bassman to play through.