Song a Week – Week 11

Reddit has a sub called Song a Week.  On Thursday mornings they post a thread with a song prompt of some kind.  The challenge is to write a song and post it to the thread by the end of the day on Wednesday.  I first heard about this a few weeks ago in one of the obligatory “what do I do now?” posts on the RPM Challenge forum.  I gave it a shot during week nine and 10 but didn’t get anything finished.  Week 11 ends tonight.  I was able to post a new song.  I don’t know if it’s any good or not, but here it is…



(When my step son was a toddler he pronounced “music” as “mugic”. He was too old for that by the time I came along, but I quote him 90% of the time anyway. Actually, I just needed a picture to use for an alonetone playlist.)

Which is Better

Here are two mixes of the same RPM left over.  Which one sucks the least?

Originally I wanted clean guitars under the verses and heavy guitars under the choruses.  By the time I put the vocals down I decided I didn’t like that idea anymore and I dropped the song.  Yesterday I re-did the guitars under the choruses with dirty, but not terribly heavy takes.  By the time I was done I kinda liked the song again.


After I finished mixing it today I sort of thought to myself that maybe I had it right the first time, so I did a mix with the original guitars.


So my question to you, dear readers, is which version sucks the least?