Non-Violent Protest

Yesterday one of the organizers of the nazi demonstrations in Charlottesville, VA tried to give a press conference.  He was mobbed by pissed off people and had to be escorted away from the scene by the police.  A couple of people managed to give him a push or a punch.

My first thought when I saw that was, no.  If we are violent toward these cock suckers it will just encourage them.  It will give them ammunition to use against us.  We have to follow Dr Martin Luther King’s lead and be completely non violent in our response.  If we truly believe that love conquers hate then we must respond that way.

At the same time though, I thought that this prick is a nazi.  An actual nazi, out in public.  It’s 2017.  The second world war has been over for 72 years and suddenly here is a new piece of shit nazi staring us in the face.  Right out in the open instead of crawling around the sewers like the cockroach that he is.  We fought a war to silence these assholes.  Millions of people died in that war.  Violence was totally justified.  Violence might therefore be justified now.  If there had been a ring of true Americans carrying flame throwers surrounding the tiki torch bitch march the other night and they burned every one of the fascist slimes alive, I probably wouldn’t have been too upset.

I guess what I am saying is that I do completely agree with Dr King’s non-violent methods.  However, if ever there was a situation that could make me rethink my beliefs, the re-rise of nazism would probably be it.  I am still a long way off from that point, but I’m willing to concede that it might be possible for me to get there.  Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.  Let’s put the rats back underground where they belong.

Impeach Trump now.  Let’s cut off this nazi snake’s head while we still can.


My in laws left on their trip to the United Kingdom last night and they have landed safely.  We were supposed to be going with them, but there were some scheduling hiccups and some other things that required us to stay home.  I am glad they are still going though, it’s going to be a great trip.

They will be going to Liverpool and I have a very strong feeling that while in the city they are going to meet a Beatle.  There is an annual Beatles celebration happening while they will be there and Paul has been known to show up.  Ringo, I hear, is less likely to make an appearance.  Unfortunately though… my intuition is telling me that if they meet a Beatle… it’s going to be Pete Best.  I hope he doesn’t ask them for money or anything like that.

Have a great trip, Charlotte and Sherman!

Sunrise Chasing (Fail)

I'm on vacation and I really want to go sunrise chasing. The weather was perfect today. Unfortunately sunrise chasing involves getting out of bed really, really early and that just wasn't happening today. Epic fail, as the cool kids say. (Do they still say that?)

The last forecast I checked looked good for tomorrow and Tuesday. There is still a chance to get it done. Then again, sleep.