Hancock Building in Boston

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I bought my first digital camera in July of 2005. I had just received my first raise from my first job post-college gradutation (I’m still there) and I wanted to treat myself to something.

It was a Kodak Z740 Zoom. I ended up taking it everywhere I went. Purchasing that camera marks the start of my pic snapping hobby/obsession.

I believe it was Memorial Day weekend in 2006 when I was sitting at home bored and decided to bring my camera into Boston and just walk around. I’d never heard the term “photo walk” before, but that’s pretty much what I was planning on doing. That was when I took what is still to this day my absolute favorite picture (that doesn’t include my wife and my step kids, obviously).

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Just over four years later my wife, step kids, and I went into town for a duck tour. Despite living my whole life only 20–30 miles out of town I had never done a duck tour before. After it was over we wandered around the city and ended up on Clarendon Street in front of the Hancock. I tried to reproduce that first picture using a Nikon D90. It just wasn’t the same.

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Every so often I get the itch to go back to the city and take another shot at topping the original. Who knows. Maybe next summer I’ll try again.


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