2014 Year in Review

Let’s take a look back at 2014. Here is one picture from each month…

January: After years of searching, I finally had my first up close sight of a male deer complete with antlers.

February: While one might expect Rob the nerd to post something relating to the RPM Challenge, I will instead go with my first AHL hockey game in years. My step daughter’s school chorus sang the national anthem at the Verizon Center in Manchester, NH before the evil, hated, loathed Manchester Monarchs game against the Providence Bruins. My AHL loyalty still rests with two teams. Either Lowell (be it the Lock Monsters or the Devils) even though they don’t exist anymore, or any team that beats the Monarchs.

March: There were a surprisingly small number of pictures from March, but there was this happy one showing that the snow and ice were going away. I can’t wait for some warmth in 2015 too.

April: April was also light on photographs, but we did make an unplanned trip to Hampton Beach.

May: The love of my life and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary by taking a trip to the white mountains. It was beautiful and wonderful and I am crazy in love with her. Even more today than five years ago when we said, “I do”.

June: June was all about youth baseball and softball. Both kids made the playoffs, and we ended up with a league champ in softball.

July: We traveled to Montreal, Toronto, Niagara Falls, and then drove home through upstate New York with a stop at the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was a seriously amazing trip.

August: Yet another photographically light month. We joined Weight Watchers in January but it didn’t last long. We joined again on the last weekend of August. I stuck to it faithfully up until Christmas Eve. I’m going back on the wagon full force starting Monday. I was down 37 pounds prior to last week. I probably gained 30 of it back over the last eight days. I’ll lose it all again. I promise.

September: Fall means leaf peeping and we had our best view of Mount Washington ever.

October: After nearly a year of constantly working on songwriting and recording home demos, I actually joined a band.

November: This year I went a little nuts chasing sunrise pictures. On Veteran’s Day I went to Old Orchard Beach in Maine and took the best pics of the year.

December: December is always all about Christmas.

Originally published at robj2112.wordpress.com on January 1, 2015.


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