Day Four — Bliss

Today’s photo prompt is bliss. This is a tough one. Tough enough that I am breaking one of my personal unwritten rules. I decided after posting the first photo101 picture that I wasn’t going to use any text other than the post title. You’d see the topic in the title, see the picture, and then you either would or would not get the connection. I don’t really care either way. Seeing as I am generally a super literal type I would guess that getting the connection is going to be pretty obvious.

For this one though… Bliss. It could mean so many things. What are the things that make me ridiculously happy?

Well, music has historically been my go to for happiness. How do I represent music in a photograph? That’s easy.

But does music make me happier than anything else? It’s definitely high on the list, but there are other serious contenders. Over the last 10 years or so traveling has become a source of major happiness for me. I love seeing new places, or seeing old places in a new way. How can I represent travel in a photograph without breaking another rule and using old pictures? The answer there is pretty obvious too.

That’s a good option, but is it the best option? Probably not. Nothing makes me happier than being at home with my family. How do I represent that in a photograph without showing pictures of the kids, which I will not do? Well, it’s a bit of a stretch, but the connection is accurate. Ms Patches can be the symbol of the family.

Yeah, that’s good and all, but what is the origin of the happiness that I feel when I’m at home with my family? What is the source of it all? Well, that’s easy. It’s easy and it’s obvious and it is my #1 answer for a photograph that depicts what the word Bliss means to me. No question about it. This is bliss.

Originally published at on March 5, 2015.


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