Test Flight

This video is not indicative of what the test flight looked like.

I charged up the battery, took it outside, blue tooth paired it to my phone, and away it went.

I flew it around for about 5-10 minutes or so in Free Flight mode, just pushing buttons and trying to make it do stuff. I tried getting it to take a video, but the video function actually used the camera on my phone? What the what? I looked at the battery indicator and it said 12% I landed it so that I could try to figure out the settings but I didn’t learn anything new so I just took off again. Unfortunately it only went a couple of feet into the air. Before that it was high enough that I thought it might land on the roof. It wasn’t high enough to fly over the roof, but it definitely would have been able to make an emergency landing.

It is charging up again now. I might sneak out one more time if the weather allows.

This little thing is goofy, but it’s also fun. I like it.

Thanks, Santa Claus!


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