New Years Resolutions

New Years Eve is tomorrow so I thought I’d come up with some resolutions.

First and foremost is eat healthier, lose weight, and try to stave off the inevitable heart attack for another year.

Second is professional.  I want to re-engage with my application.  I feel my skills slipping as more focus is put on management and I’d like to be a little more up on things.  I’d also like to be a better supervisor.  I want to do a better job guiding my staff on their career paths.

Third, I want to keep exploring new music.  I did a lot of that last year and frankly it was a lot of fun.  I want to keep it up.

Forth and final (for now at least) I want to write at least two songs and get the band to add them into the set.  I would like for us to have the equivalent of a single that we can promote.

I might come up with more, but those are the big ones for now.  I’ll let you know how they work out.


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