Sometimes my wife and I carpool to work.  Her work day starts a lot earlier than mine so that means I can sometimes have a little time to kill.  Today set the world record for time to kill.

I usually leave home at 7:30.  Today I left home at about 6:15.  We stopped at Dunks, then took a back road route to avoid some reported traffic.  I dropped Jen off and then got back on the highway to go to my office.  Traffic was pretty light and I parked my car in the parking lot at 7:13.  17 minutes before I normally leave home.

What was I to do?  Go in and start working?  It was 15 degrees out, so not sitting in the car would probably be a good thing.  No.  That’s not what I did.  Why?  Because I am a dedicated Netflix binge watcher, that’s why.  I had enough time to watch four (4) episodes of 30 Rock on my iPhone, and still get to my desk with 10 minutes to spare.

That, my friend(s) and loyal reader(s), is what you call dedication.


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