Weight Watchers 2016 – Week 1

Jen and I just had our week one weigh in at weight watchers.  I know, I know, I go in and out of weight watchers so much that it must feel like a revolving door.  Lay off, would ya?  Think this is easy for me?  Right.

Jen was first in line at the scale.  Her week one loss was HUGE.  I am so proud of her!  Then I stepped on the scale.  My week one loss was nearly double Jen’s.  Huge times two.  In all seriousness, I dropped 2.8% of my weight in one week.

We both came out of the weigh in feeling great.  We knew we had a good week, but this?  No, this is ridiculous.  We’re pumped, we’re stoked.  We’re also in agreement that there was probably something wrong with a scale.  We’ve weighed in twice, at two different centers.  We’re both feeling that maybe one of the scales was not calibrated correctly.

Who cares!  We’ll take it!

Note: The following statement is meant as a joke.  I don’t really believe this.  I don’t need a lecture on reality.  Okay?  We’re clear?

Hell, at this rate I’ll be skinny as can be by next year!


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