Apple Music Bug

Has anyone else seen this bug in Apple Music?

I am an album guy.  I generally listen to music in album format.  I don’t just pick a few songs to listen to, I pick full albums and listen to the whole thing.  That’s how I learned to love music, and that’s how I listen to it today.

The last three times I’ve picked an album to listen to via Apple Music it has screwed up the track listing.  It gets the correct songs, but the wrong recordings.  When Trevor Rabin announced he and Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman might be touring soon I brought up Yes’ 90125 album.  The first song, Owner of a Lonely Heart, was the wrong version.  It was a live version from one of the not-so-great late 90’s live albums.  When I heard Paul Kantner had died I pulled up Jefferson Airplane’s Volunteers album.  The song The Farm, which is a throw away anyway, was not the album version.  It was a live version from a recent live record that had a near bootleg quality to it.  It wasn’t good.  Tonight on the ride home I used Siri to bring up Batten the Hatches by Jenny Owen Youngs.  The version of Fuck was I was actually a b-side instead of the album version.

How about we fix this little issue, oh Apple.  Soon.  Because it’s seriously pissing me off.  Stop screwing with my favorite albums, damn it!  I’m going to have to go back to effin’ spoitfy, and I don’t want to go back to effin’ spotify.


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  1. codycote2 · February 4, 2016

    I haven’t seen that in particular because I don’t subscribe to Apple Music – I just use the music on my phone and listen to it in the car via Bluetooth. But was pisses me off is, I have a certain playlist called Commute and there are about 1,000 songs in it. That is the one I want to listen to during my ride back and forth to work every day. When I choose the playlist Commute and then shuffle the music, it plays the songs from that playlist every day for maybe a week. Then all of a sudden I get in the car and it goes back to ALL of my songs and starts playing them. I haven’t changed the playlist, I haven’t done anything really, my iPhone just decides all by itself not to play my Commute playlist. This bugs me because once I fix it and go back to the correct playlist, even if I choose Shuffle, it starts again playing the songs it played for the past week – hence I never get to hear all the songs. I guess I should make two or three Commute playlists and put about 333 songs in each – that way when it screws up, I could just choose the next Commute playlist and eventually I’d get to hear every one of the songs. It just doesn’t seem worth it to me. But that’s one “bug” I dearly wish Apple would fix!!!


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