RPM Update

Well, my plans for recording vocals more or less went down the shitter. I had Monday off for the holiday, and I took vacation days on Tuesday and Wednesday. The plan was to sing my ass off on the two vacation days, after using the three day weekend to get all the backing tracks done.

I got the backing tracks done, but my beloved wife Jennifer came down with a really awful cold. She called in sick yesterday, so I spent some time writing lyrics and melodies and whispering them into a mic because I’m too big a pussy to sing when there are people in the house.

This morning, my beloved wife Jennifer went to work and I immediately set up the mic and went to work. I decided to save the songs that I worked on yesterday until last, thinking that I should focus on the songs that still need lyrics to be written first. Good move. I finished three songs before Jen texted me that she was coming home. She gave it a shot, but she was too sick to stay in the office and risk passing it on to everyone else. She came home and telecommuted. That means in two vacation days off of work I managed a whopping three vocals. I am screwed.

I have my telecommute day tomorrow, so I can crank out some singing before work and during lunch. Over the weekend there will be a couple of hours where I will be able to be alone and get a little more singing done. Then I have to find time next week, when there isn’t any time to be had. Like I said, I’m screwed.

The good news is, there are a total of 13 songs with lyrics written, including the three that I’ve already recorded. If I can quickly record vocals for the rest of those and write and record one more, then I will be set for both RPM and FAWM.

Further good news, one of the songs with finished vocals is ready to mix. Guess what I’m doing tonight. So I have a goal to write and record 14 songs. The song that I finished tracking today is song number 18. I wrote the whole thing on my iPad last night, including the lyrics and melody, and recorded the whole thing today. I still have this half baked idea of sending in two 10 song CDs to RPM headquarters in Portsmouth. I actually started piecing together song #19 today. It’s just a 12-string and a little bit of a lyric so far, but it’s there. Getting to 20 songs is a given at this point. Finishing 20 songs feels like a pipe dream.

Of course the best news of all is that my brilliant, beautiful, beloved wife Jennifer is feeling much better this afternoon. Hopefully she’ll be right as rain tomorrow. I hate it when she’s sick and I can’t make her all better. Poor sweetie.


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