Sounds So Good!


I did it. I plugged in the new amp. I expected to be overwhelmed with buyers remorse, but no. Instead I am overwhelmed with guitar flavored happiness.

I never turned the volume up above 2, so we all know my testing is not complete. You have to wind these suckers up pretty high to give them a full test. Still, at bedroom volume levels, this is the best clean sound I’ve EVER heard. I played all three of my guitars. The Les Paul with both pickups sounds the best. The Strat with the neck pickup is second. I need to get the switch on the 335 fixed so that I can try options besides just the bridge pickup, but even that sounded awesome.

I played all three guitars through the new Fulltone OCD pedal. I need to do some more research to find the sweet spots, but it sounded great! I was messing with gain and tone levels and everything I did sounded great. The Strat was a little harsh on the high end, but the Gibsons, especially the Les Paul, were just butter.

After the OCD things got serious. I plugged in the Muff. Oh. My. Goodness. I kept the fuzz maxed because I don’t particularly care for the cleaner end of the Muff. That’s more or less why I got the OCD. Even at low volumes, all three guitars absolutely roared. It was fuzz box heaven. You’d think by now I’d realize that the single coil pickups on the Strat are going to produce a lot of hum. I mean, that’s the exact reason why the humbuckers on the Gibsons were invented. Still, it always causes a bit of a double take. Even with the hum though, the Fender sounded wicked. The two Gibsons though… filthy. Just, filthy. I love it!

I stopped playing because my hands stared cramping and I didn’t want to push my luck, or spend the afternoon in pain. I’ll take a break for a while and then maybe go back downstairs and try to do some lower volume recording. Thursday, when I work from home and have a couple of hours free in the morning, will be the big high volume test. Something tells me the neighbors might want to watch out. (maniacal laugh)


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