Tis the Season

This afternoon I was cleaning the bathroom (it needed it!  Woah!) and I listened to a radio broadcast on my iPhone.  It was a baseball game.  An actual, regular season baseball game. The Pirates beat the Cardinals.

It’s baseball season again, oh my brothers and sisters.  It is baseball season again.

Also, the Bruins are out of a playoff spot.

Also, I bought Star Wars Episode VII on iTunes and my step son and i watched it together today.  We still haven’t watched any bonus features yet.  It’s just as awesome today as it was in December.

Also, we got about half an inch of snow this morning, and we’re supposed to get about three more inches of snow tomorrow morning.  Bite me, mother nature.  It supposed to be spring time.

Also, the season finale of The Walking Dead is tonight.  Is someone going to have a date with Lucille?  I won’t know until I watch it tomorrow.  Don’t spoil it for me!

Also, my wife is making roast beef for dinner.  It’s going to be epic.  It’s almost done!


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