Stone Age

I’m at my parents house tonight.  After Joe Kelly gave up a six run inning I went to my old bedroom to once again search for the elusive band practice cassette recording from 1988 (it’s in there somewhere, I can feel it).

There was an old desktop computer in my old room.  It’s a Compaq Presario 2266.  It has a floppy drive and a CD burner (which is nice seeing as it only had 4 gigs of memory… I have mp3 files for home demos that are too big to fit on the hard drive) and USB ports?  What are those?

If memory serves, I bought it when I was going to Middlesex Community College, and replaced it after I transitioned to UMass Lowell.  I started thinking… I wonder if it would boot up?  Challenge accepted!

10 minutes later, challenge failed.  It got far enough to start loading Windows 98 (!) but it crashed to DOS.  I can only remember two DOS commands.  One of them is ping, which even if Windows 98 has it, it won’t do anything because this computer pre-dates machines that came with networking capabilities.  No Internet for this guy.  The other command I know is dir, which lists the contents of the current directory.  The crash took me to C: so I tried it out.  There were a bunch of files that looked like system files.  I only saw one that would have been mine.  It was called RESUME and the date on it was 2001.

Oh well… No Windows 98 box for me.  I guess I’ll have to settle for my 128 gig telephone.  HAHA!  I love living in the future!!!!


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