Fear the Walking Dead

Season two of the Walking Dead spin off, Fear the Walking Dead premiers tonight.  I’ll see it tomorrow, either on the AMC app or on Hulu.  I’m hoping I don’t have to go the iTunes route anymore, but I will if the two apps fail me.

I watched most of the first season today.  It gave me a laugh out loud moment.  I think it was episode three, technically 103, when our heroes were escaping a riot somewhere in Los Angeles.  As they are running away you can hear one of the rioters yell, “ghetto Christmas!”  Sorry, but I found that funny.  I hope it was an ad lib by an extra, and I hope said extra got a bonus.  Brilliant.

Here’s hoping season two is a good one.  Many people bashed the first season, but I liked it… Except for the bit where the soldiers in 106 couldn’t shoot through a chain link fence.  That was just idiotic, and the little cgi bits of bullets hitting the links was beyond stupid.  Other than that, I liked the show a lot.  Looking forward to some high sea zombie adventures this year.



  1. A Floating Speck · April 10, 2016

    I love the walking dead !


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