Wasted Opportunity

I wasted a huge musical 50/90 opportunity and I’m a little pissed at myself. Today is my telecommuting day. During the summer it is also a kid day, where the kids stay home with me while I work. During the non-summer months I get up early and take them to school, or to their Dad’s house where they catch the bus. This week though, the kids were at summer camp. That means I didn’t have to leave the house at all before work. I was up and out of bed before 6:00am so that I could kiss my wife good bye as she left for work. All I had to do was grab my MacBook and head to the cellar and I could have had three solid hours of recording time where I could make as much god awful noise as I wanted.

The only thing I had to avoid was going back to bed. If I could manage to not go back to bed, I could have recording bliss like you’ve heard about.

So obviously you can guess that I went back to bed. I got an extra two hours of sleep. That was a different kind of bliss, but I should have got some writing and recording in. Now that I look back at my morning, I wish I had. Overall I would have rather had the kids here for the day, but if I couldn’t have that, I should have had the Fender amp up really loud. Oh well.

On an unrelated note, I turned the AC off using our very swanky new internet enabled thermostat, and opened nearly every window in the house (and one door too!). The breeze whipping through feels wonderful. Yet another type of bliss. It’s starting to get hot in here though. When the breeze dies you really start feeling the temperature. I will probably go back to the AC before the work day is through. Also, there is one major asshole squirrel sitting on the tree in the front yard… mocking me. What a prick!

Patches is sort of enjoying the open windows, but I think it’s frustrating her too. She keeps climbing to the top of her cat tree to take a nap, but before she can get settled a sound outside will grab her attention and she jumps down to the bay window and stalks something or other through the screen. If she decides she wants to go after a bird or something (squirrel!) I don’t know if the screen will be enough to stop her. She hasn’t gotten out yet in all the times I’ve opened that window though. I think we’re okay.


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