American Fascism

Donald Trump is a fascist.

I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Massachusetts Primary. Never has a candidate for office, any office, lined up with my personal political beliefs as well as Senator Sanders. It wasn’t a perfect match, but it was as close as I’ve ever seen.

I’m bitterly disappointed that the Democratic National Convention will not be nominating Senator Sanders tonight. I voted for Hillary Clinton eight years ago when she ran in the primary. I was torn between Clinton and Obama and could have supported either of them, but I felt a little more optimistic about Clinton and she got my vote. I was disappointed when she lost, but I was okay with it. Now? There are too many things about her and her campaign that piss me off. Too many questions, too many potential scandals, too much money, too much questionable activity, too much sleaze. She lost all of my support going into the MA primary. All of it.

I am voting for Hillary Clinton in November. I’ll tell you why.

Donald Trump is a fascist. Listen to what he says, and then look up the definition of fascism. Ultra Nationalism? Check. Blaming a social or racial group for the countries problems and making them out to be scapegoats? Check. Hitler had the Jews. Trump’s cup runs over with both Mexicans and Muslims. What was it he said during his acceptance speech last week? Something like, I am the only one who can fix things? Does that sound like a dictator to you, because it does to me. He wants to deport Americans based on their nationality and religion. He verbally attacks anyone who disagrees with him, not with facts but with childish name calling. He is the single most Un-American candidate for office our nation has ever seen.

He’s a fascist and half the country wants him to have control over the nuclear arsenal. What happens when a nuclear armed megalomaniac perceives another world leader’s words as an insult? Not an insult to The United States, but to him personally. What happens when a nuclear armed megalomaniac fascist wants to get even? The world ends? Not that hard to imagine.

Donald Trump is a fascist and if he is elected president it will be the end of our country. Don’t doubt for a second that he will destroy The United States in his twisted, viscous, hate filled attempts to make it “great” again. Think of all of the millions of people who gave their lives to stop fascism in Europe during the second world war. Are we going to insult their sacrifice by putting a fascist into the White House? Have we learned nothing from history?

Vote for Hillary Clinton in November. That’s the easiest way to stop American fascism in it’s tracks. If you, like me, supported Bernie Sanders and you write him in come November, or pick another third party candidate in order to protest against the DNC and the Clinton campaign, then you are voting for fascism. Splitting votes on the left is death to America. We must unite behind Hillary Clinton as it is the only clear way to keep the fascist out of office.

Otherwise there might come a day, if you are among the few who survive, when you’re children or grandchildren will ask you, “why didn’t you do something to stop him when you had the chance?” Is that what you really want?


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