The Most Hipster Thing I’ve Ever Been A Part Of

So hipster that even the cola is locally produced.

Over fourth of July weekend in 2008 my wife and I drove to Saratoga Springs, NY to see Rush at SPAC. We sat in the second to last row of the balcony and the show was freakin’ awesome.

On the drive there we went through a town called Woodstock, VT and were instantly won over. We did a little sight seeing and decided that at the very least we were going to buy a house there when we retired. Best case scenario we were going to buy a building there and open a business and build a summer home on a river or something.

Instead of doing all of that, we decided it would be great to add Woodstock to our honeymoon. Our first of three stops on what was originally going to be a huge road trip, but turned into cross country travel instead. Tewksbury, MA to Woodstock, VT to Manchester, NH (just for the airport) to Washington, DC to San Diego, CA. Woodstock was limited to just one full day, but we once again had a great time wandering around the town and just loving everything about it.

Today we were supposed to drive from New York City back home. We left at around 8:00 am and headed North. Shortly after we got out of the city my wife had an idea. Let’s head North into New York State and then cross over into Vermont and pass through Woodstock. We just wanted to stop for lunch and then head home. Consider it the long, long, long way home.

We picked a restaurant using Yelp! and unknowingly found the single most hipster establishment on Earth. The place is called Worthy Kitchen. Locally produced beef, locally produced poultry, locally produced produce, locally produced craft beer, and (if you can dig this) locally produced soda. The guy taking our order actually looked down his nose at us when we ordered a coke.

I got a burger and fries. It was outstanding. Jen got something with oodles of cheese on it that she said was excellent. The locally produced cola was… eh. Either way it was something else about Woodstock, VT that was really cool. Even if it was a weird alternate reality where hipsters rule the world.


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