My step son signed up for a Magic the Gathering tournament tonight. We haven’t a clue how long it will last so I am outside in the parking lot waiting.

So far I’ve watched some Supergirl on my iPad (it’s okay, but not even close to as good as The Flash), and taken a few camera phone snaps of the sky.

Wanna see?

That’s the standard iPhone 6 Plus camera, touched up with Photoshop Express. The next one is the recent pinhole lens for Hipstamatic.

Cool, huh?

My step son is so passionate about playing Magic. He talks about it all the time. I haven’t a clue what anything he says means, but I can sit there and listen to it all day long. The kid is a force of nature.

How about one more pic for luck?

Nice. Okay then, back to Supergirl I go. If I get through the few episodes I downloaded onto my iPad I’ll switch to Stranger Things on Netflix on my phone.


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