We’ve had a weird year. Last fall I rented a dumpster and cleaned out the garage. It stayed clean until about Christmas and then the cardboard started accumulating. My wife bought some new computer monitors and build a new window box from scratch. More cardboard boxes. Where do they go? They go in the garage, of course. Piled up high. Then we did some of that thing where you order dry goods in bulk and schedule deliveries? Do you have any idea how many cardboard boxes that requires?

There were so many boxes dumped into the garage that you couldn’t fit people. I had a path from the house to the front garage door, and another path to the back garage door. That was it. I couldn’t fit anything else in there.

Until today.

Today I started cleaning. I still have more to do, but all of that cardboard is gone. GONE, I TELL YOU! One more morning’s work and it will be as clean as it gets. We still won’t have room for a car, but the garage will be as cleaned out as possible.



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