Rick “Cy Young” Porcello

Rick Porcello is a 20 game winner.

I owe him an apology.


Last year the Red Sox signed Porcello to an absurdly huge contract that was way over his head and he was awful. He couldn’t get my grandmother out and she passed away 18 years ago.

When the 2016 season started I, like most Red Sox fans, expected more of the same. something happened on the way to last place though. Porcello wasn’t terrible. He started pitching really well and going very late into games. I thought it was a fluke. I jokingly called him Cy Young. Oh look, Cy Young Porcello made it into the seventh inning with the lead. Oh look, Cy Young Porcello made it into the eighth inning. Stuff like that. I thought it was a statistical anomaly. Even the worst players can go on hot streaks, right? Right?

Last night, pitching in Toronto against the team in which we are in a serious playoff race, Porcello won his 20th game of the season. He’s 20–3. 20 wins and three losses. Given his performance last season, that is freakin’ insanity.

I have to apologize to the guy. I thought he’d come back to Earth. Instead he just kept mowing down the competition. Now when I call him Cy Young it is because I feel he’s the man to beat in the Cy Young award discussion.

Congratulations, Rick Porcello. 20 game winner.


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