MLB Playoff Predictions — World Series

I swear, Medium readers, my baseball playoff predictions are usually much better than this. I was one for two in the Wild Card round and two for four in the Division round for a split 50% at three right and three wrong. Somehow, sadly, I continued that through the two League Championships. I picked Toronto to beat Cleveland and Cleveland won, and I picked Chicago to beat Los Angeles and Chicago won. One out of two, for a post season total of four correct and four incorrect. 50%. Again. Still. That kinda sucks.

Now we come to the World Series. Only one prediction left. Will I finish above .500, or below. Let’s find out.

Cleveland vs Chicago. I said in my first prediction post that the Cubbies were going to win it this year. My brain is telling me that is still the case. My heart, however, has gone all in for the Indians (racist name and all). Something about the way those plucky underdogs beat two teams that should have been far superior just won me over. So which do I pick? My head or my heart?

The answer is kind of both. I really don’t see the Cubs losing this series. I officially predict that their 108 years of suck futility will finally come to an end. Having said that, I am going to root for the Indians. It would be nice to see their 68 year championship drought come to an end. Also, admittedly, it would be really nice to see the most pathetic team in baseball history continue their century plus years worth of complete futility. Yeah, I’m picking the Cubs but I’m really hoping they have to wait until next year.

This is in no way reflective of my baseball love for Jon Lester, John Lackey, or any of the other former Red Sox now playing for the Cubs, and that includes his Royal Highness Theo Epstein the General Manager who brought the Red Sox’ 86 year championship drought to an end. It also doesn’t have anything to do with Andrew Miller* or Coco Crisp, or even His Royal Highness Terry Francona the Manager who brought the Red Sox’ 86 year championship drought to an end. I just prefer rooting for Cleveland, even though I know deep down that Chicago is going to win.

So I am actually hoping that my playoff predictions finish below 50% for the first time that I can remember. It’s okay, though. I’ll survive.

*okay, it kinda is about Andrew Miller. That guy is freakin’ amazing. Jon Lester is amazing too, but Miller is his own brand of amazing and it’s been really fun to watch. Why couldn’t we get players like these, am I right?


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