I took my camera to the beach this morning and shot some pics of the sunrise. After the events of this week it’s hard to believe that the sun still gives enough of a shit about us to come up in the morning, but there it was.

It was a little too dark for this, maybe about 25 minutes before sunrise. Also, it was pretty windy. Windy enough to shake the camera on the tripod just a teeny tiny bit.

And here’s the little pier without the long exposure.

The forecast called for clear skies, but I think the strip of clouds is the best part of any of these.

Another 30 second exposure. The first one was a touch too dark, but now a few minutes later it’s a touch too bright.

Again, the clouds are the best part. Am I right, or am I right?

Does this look like a future album cover to you? It does to me.

And at long last, there she is! The star of the show! (hehe, get it? I kill me!)

Four second exposure. Do I need to clean my lens or my ND filter? Or both? Probably both.

I love when the whole world changes color.

Okay, the sun’s up. Back to 30 second shots of the pier.

For some reason I had a hard time getting pics of the water glowing in the sunlight. At one point a wave actually threw a shadow over the sand… and these are Atlantic waves… like, tiny suckers.

I was on the beach for maybe an hour. This bird hung out with me for most of that time. Good times, good friends.

Last but not least, the camera was set to auto but the ND filter was on… I thought neutral meant it didn’t change the color of the shot?

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