My Guitar is Home

Finally, after almost five whole weeks, my guitar has come home. More importantly, it’s in one piece!

It has a new bridge pickup. I can’t wait to plug in and play it. Gibson Dirty Fingers pickups are really high output. It’s going to make that tube amp I bought last March scream!

Check this out. For the first time since I bought the guitar back in 1990, the pickup switch actually sticks in the neck pickup position! It’s a Christmas miracle!

As for that huge hole in the finish that was all the way down to bare wood? The tech told me he’d make it so it wouldn’t get worse, but it wasn’t going to look good. He was right about both things. It’s so weird to run my finger across that spot and feel nothing but the glossy finish. It’s amazing!

It’s not a good time to actually plug her in and test drive the changes, but at some point tomorrow I will. My Marshall amp is just itching to make some noise with it’s old friend. Then there is a band practice Sunday when this sucker is going to get some tube amp and fuzz box time! Bring it on!

My Les Paul Custom is home!


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