Why am I not Practicing?

This morning I got up and went outside and shoveled yesterday’s snow. There wasn’t a lot, but it still needed to be done. That was pretty much the end of me, energy wise, for this quiet Sunday at home.

I have all of my guitar gear here at home and it’s going to stay here until March. During the February RPM Challenge bonanza, I am going to bring my Marshall and one fuzz box to the band’s rehearsal space. All of the main gear, the Fender amp and the pedal board, are staying home for use during RPM. I’m not guaranteeing that it will be used, but it will be here if I have the opportunity.

So it’s all sitting around the house, and I’m sitting around the house, and the guitars are not being played, and the guitar player is sitting in a comfy chair not playing, and I don’t know why. I mean, I want to play. All weekend long I’ve been thinking, you know what? I want to go down stairs and just plug the Strat into the Deluxe Reverb and just strum some bluesy chord changes for a while. You know, not really practice anything specific, or try to write anything new… just play for the sake of playing.

But the snow, damn it. I just haven’t had the energy. I haven’t been able to peel myself off of this chair. I am seriously disappointed in myself. I have to get out of this mindset before February arrives.



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