Game On

We took a big step backwards today and I am fine with it.

I was feeling really crappy when I woke up this morning. Over the last few months I’ve been feeling crappy most mornings, but this morning was bad enough to call in sick. It was a lucky break. Not feeling sick, that sucks. But this other thing worked out. We had plans to switch from Xfinity to FiOS, again. Jen was planning on staying home today for the Verizon guy, but she had a work emergency and had to go in. Because I was home, we got to keep the appointment. I got out of bed when the appointment window opened and waited. About an hour later the door bell rang. It was the Verizon guy. The Verizon guy turned out to be someone I know going all the way back to elementary school. We played little league together. My dad was our manager and his dad was one of the coaches. We were in the same high school class and everything. An hour or so later we had a new internet provider and I went back to sleep.

It’s a little after 9:00pm now and I feel a little better. Good enough that I will be going to work tomorrow, for sure. At this point you might be thinking, what was the step backwards?

Well, I am watching the Bruins game. They are up 4–1 over The Blues in the second period. We can no longer say that we have cut the cable TV chord. In a few weeks when the Orange Pile of Fascist Goo is impeached, as we can pretty much guarantee he will be, I will be able to watch the coverage on any TV news network. More importantly, I can watch NESN again so I will be watching the Bruins and the Red Sox as often as I can, even though the Bruins are sucking up a storm for the third year in a row.

I’m also going to be able to watch The Walking Dead using the FiOS app on my iPad again. The downside is I have to suffer through commercials. The upside is I don’t have to wait until 3:00am for the iTunes file to be available.

Go Bruins.


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