Stephen Stills… Is There a Reason?

I’ve been really in the mood to listen to Stephen Stills over the last few days. I gave the Manassas album a spin for the first time yesterday. I like most of it, but there are a bunch of country songs that just make me want to stop listening to any music ever and bury my head in the sand and never come out again. Urgh. I don’t like country music. I blame Hillman for those (though I have no evidence to back that up).

Earlier today I was trying to figure out why I had the sudden Stills interest. Well, he’s a guitar hero for sure, and a ridiculously great singer, and a fantastic songwriter… but is that why?

Then it hit me. The reason is “For What it’s Worth”. Is that the first rock and roll protest song? It might be. People say that, but I have yet to hear every single rock and roll song ever written so who can say for sure. It doesn’t matter though. On Friday the United States comes to an end when that fascist piece of shit is inaugurated. We’re going to need people to stand up to him in whatever way they can. We’re going to need people like Stephen Stills.


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