Guitar Nerd Moment

Amazon delivered a new stomp box to me today. It’s an EHX Soul Food. My first dip into the Klon Klone pool. I hope to use it as a boost. Not sure if it will be pre-fuzz to fatten up the clean sound (I use a Fulltone OCD for that now) or post fuzz for a volume boost for when I play solos. I am leaning toward that right now as my quick little test drive sounded way better than what I am doing now. Still need more research though.

I am home alone today so I took my guitar noodling as an opportunity to oversaturate the holy hell out of my vacuum tubes. What do I mean by that? I mean that I turned my amp up to 10. hehe

One thing to note, the speaker in my amp can just barely handle the volume at 10, but when I click on the pedal and boost the signal the amp goes crying home to momma. Something to think of for later, I guess.


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