So what do you think of the immigration executive orders? I want to say I am shocked and appalled, but I can’t. Unlike a slew of people who actually voted for that fucking nazi Trump, I believed him when he said he’d pull this crap. I’m not even surprised he went this far this quickly. This is what fascists do.

I was watching some live video from JFK airport on Facebook last night when the first Federal Judge ruled against the executive order. I was so proud. It was a team from the ACLU that argued in favor of the detainees. I have been thinking about joining the ACLU ever since the election, but I was putting it off for no reason other than wanting to work it into the family budget first. Last night I finally joined. It’s a teeny tiny little step toward throwing my name in with those who are actually standing up against the fascists. It feels more real than just ranting about things on twitter… which I do quite a bit these days.

The stay against the executive order is temporary, but it’s a start. A number of Federal Judges have ruled against it already, including one from Boston thankyouverymuch.

We have reached a point where millions of Americans are so afraid of the muslim boogeyman that they are willing to give up the Bill of Rights in exchange for the illusion of security. If saving your country requires destroying everything your country stands for, is your country really worth saving?


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