Press Pass

I am thinking of declaring this blog as a legitimate news service. Once done I will submit for access to the White House press conferences. I won’t be mainstream media, so in theory they will look favorably upon my request and grant me access.

After a few stories from me those fascist pieces of shit will learn what a negative bias is. CNN and the New York Times will look like Trump’s best buddies when I get through with them.

The Trump Fascist Regime thinks the courts are wrong when they do their Constitutional job in checking the Executive Branch. Yeah, okay. The Trump Fascist Regime thinks that the free press is wrong when they exercise our Constitutional right to a free press. Still though, his supporters drop to their knees, give the fascist salute, and open wide over everything he does and says. Read the Constitution. Go on. I dare you.

Now all we need is for the Legislature to actually do their Constitutional job and act as a check on the Executive branch, but we all know those fascist collaborators are on their knees with the rest of the them.


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