Music and Irish, Separately

Today is a day with two themes.  Music and Irishness.

Music because I have band practice, and my step daughter has pit rehearsal for her school play.

Irish because my beautiful bride, Jen is making corned beef.  I predict that it’s going to need salt.  Corned beef can never, ever be salty enough.  Jen always does a great job.

On an unrelated note, Facebook got weird this morning in a sad way.  I friended a guitar player that I’m a big fan of.  Today he was tagged in a post with one of my former teachers from Northeast Broadcast School.  Gotta admit, he was not my favorite guy there.  Something about him rubbed me the wrong way.  He was nice enough, very smart, and very talented.  There was just… something.  I clicked on him to see what he’s been up to.  He’s still in the same awesome band, which is nice.  I was surprised to see him tagged in another post with another one of my teachers from NBS.  This was a guy whose class I enjoyed very much.  He was a great guy.  Unfortunately he passed away recently.  Damn.  I hadn’t thought about him in years, and now he’s gone.  Very sad.


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