Trump is a Fascist Idiot – 3/19/17 Edition

Did that fascist shit head really say publicly that Germany owes us money for NATO?  Is he really that stupid?  Does he have no idea how NATO works?  He grew up during the cold war, he should have learned how NATO works by osmosis.  He should have got it just by breathing.

The man is insufferably clueless.  His existence makes me want to vomit.  Germany owes the US money… what a moron.  Screw you, you half witted fascist cheet-o.



  1. codycote2 · March 19, 2017

    Not only that, but apparently that’s more important than getting Mexico to pay for that famous wall – which in reality is going to cost us taxpayers, what? $145 million? or this that $145 billion? The “alternative facts” fly around so much I’m having trouble keeping them straight!!


  2. codycote2 · March 19, 2017

    P.S. Just thought I’d mention, I do like your WordPress blog better. No reason really except that WordPress seems easier to use than Medium. Just my two cents…


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