Movie Date Night

My wife and I had a Monday evening date night at the movies tonight.  It was lovely.  We held hands the whole time.  You are so jealous!

We saw Beauty and the Beast.  My one question regarding the film: Why were all the French people English?



  1. Sabiscuit · March 23, 2017

    That is too cute. Regarding the last question, if you have to ask the question, I am fairly confident in assuming you were not raised or educated in the UK. The answer is one of those long stories that started with the Battle of Hastings. The British have never forgiven the French for that and have taken passive aggressive digs at them ever since. I think that revenge gene hard boiled in their DNA.


    • robertjames1971 · March 23, 2017

      The revenge angle… I hadn’t thought of that. I was just assuming that in Hollywood they just assume everyone from Europe has an English accent.

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