Trump is a Fascist Idiot – 3/23/17 Edition

I had a really busy day at work today. I didn’t have any time to spend paying attention to the outside world.  I knew that our fascist prick overlord dictator asshole was pushing for a vote on the billionaires tax break bill that everyone is calling trumpcare.  I wanted the vote to fail.  I know in the end it’s not going to make any difference.  The fascist prick will put through whatever he wants and his collaborators in Congress will bend over and give the pussy grabber whatever he wants.

Imagine my surprise when I put on the radio after work and found out that things looked so bad for the vote that the fascist collaborators actually cancelled the vote.  Take that you fascist losers.

Any time the American people can show trump what a serious loser he is, it makes me happy.  How’s that popular vote, you loser.  How’s that travel ban, you loser.  If we’re going to be stuck with this son of a bitch for another three years and 10 months then I foresee many, many losses for the loser.


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