Flying iPad

I learned something interesting tonight.

Apparently, my iPad Pro (its the smaller version, not the gigantic one) can fly.

No, really.  My iPad Pro can fly.

It’s a little after 11:00 PM on a Sunday night.  I’m tired.  I’ve had a long, stressful weekend and I need sleep.  Unfortunately, I have a load of laundry running and I can’t go to sleep until I flip it into the dryer.  This is really a typical Sunday night thing for me.

So I’m sitting up in bed.  My beloved bride is lying next to me, sound asleep.  I had just finished watching the season finale of Star Wars Rebels and decided to see if there were any NHL games still going out on the West Coast.  There was, the Rangers were visiting the Ducks.  I put the radio broadcast on and leaned back against the headboard.

Next thing I know, my iPad has launched itself away from me and is flying across the room.  The headphones came unplugged from the device but the ear pods are still in my head.  The crash as the flying iPad landed on the floor to the side of the bed was deafening.  Or, at the very least it was loud enough to wake my wife.  I look down and I can see the smart cover on the floor, but no iPad.  It has literally flown away.  I had to get down on the floor, but I found it underneath my wife’s dresser.

Aparently as I dozed off, my brain somehow managed to jerk my body awake.  In doing so, I must have flung the iPad away from me.  Fortunately the only issue I can see is that the screen got nice and dusty from sliding under the dresser.  Otherwise, all is well.

So let’s all tip our hats to those who designed and manufactured the (smaller version of the ) iPad Pro, for they have created a device that can fly halfway across some fat red head’s bedroom without getting a scratch on it.

Thanks, Apple!


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