What the Hell, Tuukka?

Last year the Bruins needed to win their last game to have a shot at making the playoffs.  Their #1 goalie, Tuukka Rask, however was sick that day and couldn’t play.  They lost that last game and didn’t qualify for the playoffs.

This year the Bruins had already qualified for the playoffs but needed a win in their last game to avoid getting stuck with a first round match up against the #1 seeded Washington Capitals.  Tuukka didn’t call in sick this time, but the team did give him the day off.  The Bruins lost, the Maple Leafs won, the Bruins dropped to the bottom seed in the Eastern Conference and will now face Washington in the first round.


I don’t really blame Tuukka, but what the hell, Tuukka?!  When we are down three games to none against the Caps are you going to take a day off for game four too?



Okay, I guess there still is one way that the Bruins could jump back up to third in the division and not have to face Washington.  Something along the lines of Toronto losing today in regulation.  I guess that would make us even in the first tie breaker, which Toronto currently wins, and the Bruins have the second tie breaker.  Something stupid like that.  It doesn’t matter.  They still gave Tuukka the day off for a must win game, and Tuukka still accepted it.  Dude should have gone to the coach and said screw you, I’m playing.


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