Distract Me

I want to be able to set up my guitar rig to run two amplifiers at once.  I need an A/B/Y switch with a phase inverter and a ground loop lift.  This looks perfect.

I want to be able to record one of the band’s upcoming shows.  I had a method in place to record rehearsals on two tracks for stereo.  One mic on the bass amp, one on the guitar amp, two on the drums.  We already had three vocal mics, but at practice I was just taking the mono out of the PA head to cover all three voices.  I don’t want to record a gig that way.  I want to record each mic onto it’s own track so that I can mix it later.  That means I need to find a way to get seven separate audio tracks into GarageBand (or maybe Logic?) simultaneously.  That means I need a new USB interface that can handle more than two inputs.  This looks perfect.

I want to learn a new programming language.  My wife and I are thinking that Ruby would be a lot of fun to learn.  I am going to set up Ruby school a couple of nights a week and we are going to learn it together.  Before we start though, we need a text book to work through.  O’Reilly usually publishes great programming books.  This might be perfect.

There are good, healthy reasons for me to want to do all of these things, as well as many more.  I want to better myself.  I want to learn new things.  All good reasons.

There’s one other reason though…

If I am working on projects like this, I won’t be thinking about how our fascist president has attacked two countries during his three months in office, and now he’s threatening to attack a third, and moving troops to face off with a fourth.

If I’m mixing a recording of the band, I won’t be thinking about how the world is about to end.


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