Gozer: Addendum

This post is a follow up to the one from earlier today that was titled, “The One Where I Become Gozer the Destroyer.”

As also noted in a previous post, my step daughter and I had to go to the mall for something.  When we came home, we saw the saddest thing you would ever be cursed to see (probably not, but you probably know where I’m going with this).  Momma bird and Daddy bird were sitting on the railing at the back steps, right underneath the light that used to be their home.  Momma bird kept flying up to the light and kinda circling around… in a very confused manner.  Daddy bird just sat there on the railing.  I could almost read his mind.  He was thinking, “what the frig, bro?”

There was one silver lining.  As my step daughter and I were sitting in the car we cheered Momma bird on as she carefully flew her way over to the new location of her old home.  Eventually she actually flew into the light fixture and hung out there for a moment.  Now all we have to do is hope they move into the new location.

All the while we were watching, I had this image in my head.  It was Momma bird.  She said to Daddy bird, “but where is our home?  Where am I going to have the babies?  I’m due to lay these eggs any second now!  Oh Daddy bird, what are we going to do?”

I feel like a jerk.  A bird jerk.


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