Happy Easter

Happy Easter, where applicable.

Easter is a day that, much like the name Anakin Skywalker, no longer has any meaning for me.  Even if it is the truth and I’ve only forgotten about it.  I don’t think so.

To continue on the blasphemous theme of this post, why didn’t the AMC TV network use today as the start date for season three of Fear the Walking Dead?  Easter… Zombies… it seems like such an obvious marketing win, doesn’t it?

We are going to Nana and Papa’s today.  The kids are looking forward to it.  Jen has a bad cold, and I have a flare up of what people tell me is an undiagnosed case of plantar fasciitis.  As a result, we’ve both been on edge and overly snippy.  Jen, my love, I am sorry if I’ve had a bad attitude over the last couple of days.  It is just because my foot is hurting a lot and I can’t seem to think around it.  I love you and don’t want you to think that my grumpy is related to anything other than the ouch factor.

Once again, happy zombie Jesus day, everyone!  Brrraaaaiiiinnnnnsssssandforgivenessforallsinnnnnnssssssss.


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