Hockey Screwing

The Bruins scored a game winning goal in game five of their first round playoff series against Ottawa!  Awesome!

Oh, wait.

I couldn’t hear the TV.  I saw what looked like a goal, I saw the refs up to their nose in replays, I saw the no goal called, and I saw the game continued.  I also saw the entire Boston sports radio community completely lose their shit on twitter.

A short time later I saw an Ottawa skater fall on the puck in the goal crease.  I might have also seen the same player close his hand on the puck in the goal crease.  I also so that no one was given a penalty shot.  I guess I was wrong about that particular rule.

I am so incredibly sick of seeing Bruins goals waved off on replays.  It has sucked a very large percentage of the fun out of the NHL this year.  I am just fed up with it.  The replay system in the NHL is insulting and has to go away.  It won’t, but it has to.
ADDENDUM:  The Bruins won the game in the second overtime.  Justice.


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