Music Discovery


Last night I was waiting for the laundry to finish….

Have you noticed that like 90% of the stuff I do, I do while waiting for the laundry to finish?

…what the hell was I talking about?

Oh yeah, I went to a site I hadn’t been to in over a year called  The goal being to find some good bands that I had never ever heard of before and then listen to them and hope they are good.  I picked a few genres and then checked around for the highest reviewed bands and made a playlist to keep track of them.  If the band sounded okay within a song or two of the album I was listening to then I added a song to the playlist.  Now I can listen to more and decide if I like them or not.


Yeah, maybe.

Then again… maybe it was just midnight and the Dodgers/Phillies game I was watching wasn’t really holding my interest and I wanted to stay awake.

This playlist is designed to be shuffled, and if all goes well it will be a living document of bands that I don’t know but maybe should.



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