Home Owner Moments

The date was August 9, 2010.  My beloved wife and I were house hunting.  Given that I am a total Masshole, we were looking at houses in towns that bordered New Hampshire, as the kids’ dad lived in Salem and we wanted the drive time between houses to be manageable.

We were looking at a house in Methuen that was out of the way and kind of in the woods, which is odd for a city like Methuen.  It had a nice little back yard that I was kind of taken with, and a little patio area that reminded me a little bit of the house I grew up in.  They had nice looking patio furniture, and a fire pit, and a gas grill.  I was really taken with the scene.

I took this picture with my phone during that first viewing.

Long story short, we moved in a couple months later.  Every year when the weather starts getting nice I announce to the family, This is the Year We Buy Patio Furniture… and every year we don’t do it.

Or do we?  I am not going to give out any spoilers or anything, but this might be the year.  No promises, of course… but this might be the year.

Cross your fingers and hope it happens.  Hopefully we’ll be having cookouts on the patio. I’ll let you all know when I get more information.


One comment

  1. codycote2 · May 8

    I have a really good homemade mosquito repellent spray that actually works!! I’ll pass on the recipe to you as soon as I hear you actually have patio furniture… LOL


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