Donald Trump is a Fascist – May 9, 2017 Edition

Who does this fascist piece of garbage think he’s fooling?

Trump is under investigation by the FBI for possibly colluding with the Russians to rig the 2016 presidential election.  So what did the mental midget do?  He fired the director of the FBI.

Granted, Comey is a piece of shit too.  He testified the other day that opening an investigation into Clinton’s emails just days before the election (effectively handing the Presidency to the fascist) made him nauseous.  Then today we find out that most of his testimony was false and the emails that were such a national disaster weren’t even classified until after they were shared.  Comey is an asshole who deserved to be fired…

But he didn’t deserve to be fired by the President of the United States during an investigation into possibly treason committed by the President of the United States.  And for Trump to say it was due to how he handled the email investigation that LITERALLY GAVE HIM THE ELECTION is just insulting to the intelligence of every American past, present and future.


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