My Legislative Representatives React to Trump Firing Comey

My representative in the House of Representatives and both of my Senators spoke out on the shit show that Trump pulled last night.

I need to throw in one additional Massachusetts Representative as well.

I include Representative Kennedy for two reasons.  One, the man has an uncanny knack for putting my political thoughts into words.  Two, if Senator Warren should pass on running for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020, then I hope Representative Kennedy runs in her place.


One comment

  1. codycote2 · May 10

    Both my Senators, as well as my Congresswoman, feel the same way. Unfortunately both houses of Congress are in Republican control, therefore I don’t expect to see any resolution in the near future to look further into the Trump treasonous action(s). The granting of top secret security clearances to his daughter and son-in-law should also be thoroughly investigated, as well as most if not all of his cabinet members, starting with Sessions, who swore he would recuse himself from the Russian investigation but then went ahead and recommended the firing of Comey. A direct and conscious violation of the Constitution, therefore clearly treason.


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