Is The Leftovers the best show in television history?


Probably.  Yeah.

This is the last season and there are only four episodes left, but it is so good.  It’s ridiculously good.  It’s unbelievably good.  The main theme of each of the three seasons is grief and dealing with grief.  The first season is dark.  Ridiculously dark.  Unbelievably dark.  It’s so heavy it just sort of crushes your will to live.  It’s good, don’t get me wrong, it’s just a tough ride to get through.  The second season, and the first half of the third season, are just so good.  So disgustingly good.  Every single episode leaves you in an altered state of mind thinking, what the hell was that!?  It’s good.

Unlike Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, I have never watched an episode more than once.  I think when the series ends in four weeks I will binge watch the whole thing.  Assuming I can power through the massive depression the first season causes.

Good show.


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