Strat-Tastic Practice

Band practice tonight.  I took my Fender Strat instead of one my Gibsons.  Mike the Bass Player asked me what I’ve been listening to.  I laughed, yeah I’ve been listening to the new Robin Trower record.  He’s a Strat guy.  Funny how that happens.  As of right now I am planning to take the strat to the next gig as the 2nd guitar.  Let’s see if I stick to that.

Two practices in a row I’ve been fuzz box free.  Tube Screamer into OCD has been my dirt, with a Soul Food as a volume boost for leads.  I’m not convinced it’s the way to go.  We’ll see.

ADDENDUM: I swear these effin’ links used to pull in the embedded player.  I even went to the band’s website and looked at the source code for a post where it worked and it is literally exactly the same as this post, but this time it didn’t work.  The hell, wordpress?


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