Birthday Girl

Today is my step daughter’s 16th birthday!  Happy Birthday!

She was six years old when I met her.  She had just started first grade.  The time has flown by for me.  I can’t even imagine how it feels for her mother who was there on day one.  Sometimes I think like that and I get sad because I missed out on those first six years.  Most times though I just feel lucky to have been around for what time I’ve had.  Today is a little of both.

She woke up at our house today so we got to say happy birthday in person.  She’s at school now, and after school she’s going on a weekend get away trip with her dad.  That’s awesome for her, but it sucks for us.  Sometimes joint custody really blows.  If I feel like this, just imagine how her mother must feel.  There I go, getting all sad on what is a very happy day.

I took the day off today to do some yard work and start putting together the new patio furniture.  One little flaw in the plan.  Mosquitoes.  When I came inside after dropping the kids off at school, the 20 step walk from the car to the house included at least seven mosquito bites.  It’s going to suck (blood) out there, I tells ya.

I won’t be deterred though.  At some point this weekend, we will have patio furniture.  May we also have impeachment proceedings.  That’s too much to hope for short term, but I am still hoping for it.

Down with fascist pigs!  Up with patio furniture and sweet 16 birthdays for step daughters!


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