Jared Kushner

The Washington Post reports that Jared Kushner, the first son-in-law, tried to set up a secret communication channel with the Kremlin.  Yeah.  So if that’s true, does that rate as outright treason?  I’m no lawyer, but it sure smells like treason to me.

Again, I’m no lawyer, but isn’t treason a capital crime?  As in, punishable by death?  I don’t believe that what this fascist little shit is accused of warrants death.  A shit load of jail time, sure.  Death, no.

Still, let’s say the worst happens and the President’s daughter’s husband is executed for selling his country to the Russians.  What would the main fascist piece of shit do?  I think he’d see it as an opportunity.  Given that he considers his daughter to be a choice piece of ass I think he would sign an executive order forcing ABC to name Ivanka as The Bachelorette.

It could happen.


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