Comey is an Ass but We Kinda Need Him Right Now

Jim Comey was pretty much the piece of shit who sold out the 2016 Presidential election by bringing up a bullshit non-existent investigation into Clinton’s fairy tale emails.  I wanted his ass gone.

Now a few months later he actually is gone and I really need him to come through for us. He’ll be testifying to the Senate Intelligence Committee tomorrow.  I want to listen to it.  Every fascist busting, Trump incriminating word of it.  I have a bunch of meetings though so I’m probably out of luck.

The United States of America needs him to be the first very large, very permanent nail in the orange piece of shit’s administration.  Impeach the fascist so we can put his fascist ass in jail for treason.

It just sucks that I have to bank on a piece of garbage like Comey to reach the end goal.  If not for him we wouldn’t be in this mess.  Probably… I mean, the fascist traitor did sell out his country to the Russians, and now it looks like the Russians were hacking into voting machines.  Ya know, like you do when you’re a fascist piece of shit.



One comment

  1. codycote2 · June 8

    Comey’s statement is already out on FB and he doesn’t say a heck of a lot in it that incriminates Don the Con, but maybe the ensuing questions will do the job. Fingers crossed!


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