Ceiling Pic

My step kids had a piano recital tonight.  They were both awesome.  I mean, awesome.

All of the kids who played tonight were fantastic.  The advanced kids were staggeringly good.  The novice kids were pretty much all better than they were at the Christmas concert in December.  Mostly…

There’s one exception.  I hate to mention it publicly, but it’s always a topic of discussion post-receital.  One student.  I can’t gauge the student’s age.  I thought mid teens, my wife thinks early 20’s.  Whatever.  This one student always does two songs and they are always brutal to listen to.  Clearly this student never practices because there is never any sign of improvement.  It’s always a moderately challenging piece played at way too slow a tempo, and every time the student needs to change hand positions, there is a pause.  Like, the student stops, looks down, changes position, and then starts playing again.  The result?  The 90 second piece of music takes 10 minutes.  It is brutal.  I give the kid all the credit in the world for trying, and there is clearly a TON of passion for music there.  Ya just gotta practice or you’ll never get better and you’re just wasting your time.  Practice, kid.  Practice!

Anyway, the boredom level increased exponentially as the stopping and starting and crawling tempo plodded on.  My attention drifted away and I found myself pushing buttons on my Apple Watch.  We were in the Nevins Library in Methuen and that is just the most gloriously wonderful building ever.  I used my Apple Watch to remotely open up my iPhone’s camera app and snap a ceiling pic.

Thank you, Apple Watch, for curing my boredom for about 4 seconds.

One unrelated thing…

I just watched the new episode of Fear the Walking Dead.  Not the best episode, but okay.  No spoilers.  I am now sitting at my desk in the living room with most of the lights off.  My wife isn’t feeling well so she went to bed early.  She’s asleep and I am not going to bother her.  The kids both went to bed about half an hour ago.

My iPad is propped up on my desk with headphones plugged in.  I am watching The Talking Dead (the talk show that recaps the evening’s Walking Dead (both original and Fear flavored)).  The show breaks for commercials often, and for seemingly endless stretches of time.  It’s probably the same number and length of breaks as every other show on television, but it just seems endless.  I refuse to submit myself to the endless advertisements (I’ve used the word endless three… four times in this paragraph.  I’m shootin’ for a world record.  Call guiness!) so I pop the ear pods out during the breaks.  Why is that important?  Because there is a cricket just outside the front door that is SO AMAZINGLY LOUD.  That’s all.  I’m posting this now before it gets endless. (FIVE!!!!)


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  1. codycote2 · June 12, 2017

    I agree with your wife about the particular student being in her early 20’s. I remember a couple of years ago the teacher commenting that she was heading off to college, so she must be just finishing up her sophomore year and I think that would make her 20 or 21. Sherm was saying on the way home that the teacher shouldn’t allow her to do such a long piece every time. I think the student picks out the piece they want to do, right? Because it seems to me she always picks the longest one. I think she craves the attention. I glanced over a couple of times and had to poke Sherm to wake him up. It was brutal!


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