Day 12

I’m starting to almost kinda feel sort of alive again.  Its day 12 of this kick in the balls known as a cough/head cold.  I would say that I’m about 75-80% well now.  Still sniffling.  Still coughing up phlegm globbers.  Worst of all, on Sunday I lost my voice.  Today is Wednesday and I still haven’t found it yet.

Not having a voice makes conference calls at work awfully difficult.  At least in one-on-one meetings I can use sign language and stuff.  On the phone?  Nope.  Can you repeat that, you’re breaking up.  No, I am not actually breaking up.  My voice just doesn’t work anymore.

My voice better come back quick, I have to start singing on those new, as yet mostly hypothetical, fifty songs in ninety days things.  Oh, and I have a gig in a few weeks too!


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